Bata Life

120 years ago, Tomáš Baťa set out to provide shoes for the world. But for him, this wasn’t enough. He wanted to go further. To see what could be achieved with a greater aim: to improve the living standards of both workers and customers at the same time.

Today, our employees and customers as well as those in the communities we operate in tell the stories of how this Bata Life Effect is still it at the heart of Bata.

Bata’s success has always come from our ability to think long-term.

Not only have we provided jobs and a decent standard of living for thousands of employees, but also long before it became fashionable we opened opportunities for education and advancement.

Thomas J. Bata, 1990

Bata Life-cycle

As every Bata shoe moves from an idea, to sourcing materials, manufacture, distribution, sale, use and re-use or recycling we think, act and operate in sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible ways.

We believe we nurture our shoes, caring for the welfare of everyone involved in the process. Every decision we make, considers the effect on our environment, our employees, our business partners and communities.

Over 210 million people in more than 90 countries are wearing Bata shoes

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