Bata Life effect

Bata’s long-standing mission is to create better lives for our employees and customers. The Bata Life Effect is the ongoing positive impact our actions have on families, communities and society in general.

Our Extended ‘Bata Family’

Everyday, all around the world, our extended Bata family of employees and associates are having a positive effect on those around them. Our activities are benefiting communities and environments. And our investments are supporting livelihoods. We don’t just look at employing and developing individuals, we recognize the way this affects their families and beyond. This is what we call the Bata Life Effect.

Sustainability is a term we rarely use within Bata. Sustainability is not seen as a separate topic, it has always been intrinsically part of the daily conversations we have about our business. Few decisions are made without us first considering how they will affect our environment, our employees, our business partners and communities. If you want to be in the market for the long-term, you cannot set yourself apart from the people you want to sell to.

Our heritage of respect, vision, responsibility and entrepreneurship provides us with a uniquely solid platform which will help us continue to grow and thrive over the next hundred years.

Bata’s success has always come from our ability to think long-term. As far back as the beginning of the
20th century, this vision enabled Bata to enter and create new markets, setting up Bata villages to support
employees, investing in local communities, and developing local sourcing options to make our shoes. By providing employees and associates with opportunities, fair payment and good working conditions, it gives them value. By giving communities support and opening doors for entrepreneurs to develop locally, Bata initiatives help people to flourish. In turn this supports people regionally and globally as well. At every stage, Bata is working to help people live better, more fulfilled lives.


Tomáš Bat’a

“The Bata Shoe Company is to be treated not as a source of private wealth, but as a public trust, a means of improving living standards within the community and providing customers with good value for their money.”

Tomáš Bat’a
Thomas John Bata

“The real role of business is to give a service by making and selling products that satisfy the want and needs of society, and in doing so to be a caring organisation in partnership with community and government.”

Thomas John Bata
Roberto Longo

“Responsible sourcing, which takes into account social and environmental considerations, is an integral part of the way we manage our relationships with our suppliers.”

Roberto Longo, President for Customer Service and Global Sourcing
Justo Fuentes

“Caring about the communities living where we have our business activities is extremely important. They must feel that Bata is part of them.”

Justo Fuentes, Group Managing Director, Bata Latin America
Catherine Choo

“Ethics form an integral part of the Bata organization. How we conduct our business determines the impact it has on the people around us. Profitability is a by-product of how needs are met, satisfaction realized, dreams fulfilled.”

Catherine Choo, Company Manager, Bata Vietnam
Monica Mier Fuentes

“To work in a company where sustainability is an essential part of the culture, is not only a subject to be proud of, it also generates clear guidelines for daily decision making in all areas.”

Monica Mier Fuentes, Company Manager, Bata Bolivia
Sanjay Kanth

“The fundamentals of our factories are very distinctly Bata; it is not just about production but extends way beyond this into the community and society. This is something very different from what would typically be seen in footwear manufacturing. It is something that makes Bata very different from many other organisations.”

Sanjay Kanth, VP Manufacturing Bata India
Harm Daems

“At Bata Industrials, we differentiate ourselves from competition by our focus on Innovation, with our global theme: ‘Improving Working Lives’. Sustainability in this respect is not a choice, but a given.”

Harm Daems, Bata Industrials Global Brand Director
Linet Kiguru

“As the leading footwear company in Malawi, we have to provide for the needs of consumers while not compromising the environment’s capacity to provide for future generations. Through our involvement in recycling thousands of kilos of plastic shoes, we preserve a better living environment for the community.”

Linet Kiguru, Company Manager, Bata Malawi
Barbara Franceschetto

“Environmental awareness, saving resources, reuse and recycling have to be part of our daily activity to achieve our mission projecting to the future. Bata once again is a pioneer to implement the statement of sustainability and promote corporate social responsibility.”

Barbara Franceschetto, Company Manager, Bata Italy
Ehsan Zaman

“In over 25 years I hardly ever see workers leaving. We have second or third generation workers and they ask us to recruit their sons and daughters. This is common. It is a very good company in terms of looking after the workforce.”

Ehsan Zaman, Manufacturing Manager