We have over 6000 stores and franchises, along with entrepreneur sales programs, making our shoes accessible all over the world.

Our shoes are worn by over 210 million* people and we serve more than one million customers every day in 90 countries. This is a huge retail operation and it has a significant role in continuing to achieve our vision – making great shoes accessible to everyone.



Our large distribution network works in harmony with our global-local product development. Within each market Bata has large city stores, but also has something that other global brands might not: traditional family stores. A true indication of the weight Bata places on family values, these stores give our customers the personal touch that makes them see Bata as a local business.

In addition to our socially responsible approach to retail, we constantly look for initiatives to benefit the environment too. For example we have introduced energy-efficient lighting in our stores to reduce our electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.


Bata is a family business. By this we mean family in its widest sense. Ever since Bata was founded in the late 19th century, it has been our priority to look after the needs and the welfare of our people. Making sure that Bata employees, and the families and communities that depend on them, are cared for continues to shape the way we do business. As part of this, we consider the needs of our ‘extended family’ in the many communities we operate in around the world. Supporting entrepreneurs through special programs like the Rural Sales Program in Bangladesh and Aquarella direct-sales program in Latin America are examples of how we achieve this.