Our Programs

Bata runs a number of programs that support our philosophy, culture and values. Each sets out to achieve specific goals for our communities, our employees and our customers.

Children in the communities where we work have always been dear to our heart and throughout our history we’ve had numerous projects in place to give them more opportunities in life. The Bata Children’s Program is our way of bringing these together globally and through this, making them stronger and even more beneficial to those we help.

Making shoes accessible to the millions of people around the world who need them is one of Bata’s core aims. Most of our shoes are sold through our own retail stores, but beyond this, we also help social enterprises and local businesses to sell our shoes. Our sales programs in Bangladesh and Latin America are examples of the successes we’re proud to be part of.

Bata Rural Sales program

Providing bangladeshi women with business opportunities

Economic empowerment via access to income improves the welfare of women and their families in Bangladesh where some of the poorest people in the world live on less than USD 2 a day. In rural Bangladesh, communities also have limited access to basic products: this includes shoes.

To help address these issues, in 2005 Bata together with CARE, an established humanitarian organisation dedicated to fighting poverty, developed the Rural Sales Program (RSP). The program offers destitute women in rural communities the chance to become entrepreneurs and earn a living from selling affordable flip-flops manufactured in Bata owned factories in Bangladesh.

These women earn a good commission from their sales and the success of the RSP has been exceptional. Other multinational and domestic companies have joined the venture since, enabling the expansion of products and market coverage. The Rural Sales Program offers a sustainable source of income, lifting thousands of women out of poverty and offering them a dignified life.

was the number of Aparajitas when the RSP launched in 2005
average monthly Aparajita sales pairs
average monthly hub sales pairs
USD 80
per month is the average Aparajita income
thousand consumers

Aquarella Catalogue Sales program

Creating entrepreneurs in Latin America

Aquarella offers an alternative to traditional employment for those who seek flexibility or who are looking to supplement household income. Entrepreneurs, locally called ‘promotores’, travel to homes and offices, presenting the Bata Aquarella catalogue. Aquarella offers a large variety of different shoes – from the most affordable to the most high-end and the ‘promotores’ earn a commission on the sales. In many cases, this develops into a full-time career.

‘promotores’ in 2013
promotores today
Aquarella operates in Bolivia and Colombia
By the end of 2015 Ecuador and Peru will also be covered

Bata Children’s program

Volunteering in favor of disadvantaged children living in the communities where we operate

In keeping with the principles and beliefs that have shaped our responsible business approach, we believe that every child should have every opportunity to reach their potential. Within our culture and as part of the BCP we encourage our employees to play an active role in making our communities stronger.

children benefited from the program
volunteering hours
focus areas: Education, Health, sustainable living and mentoring